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U.S.A. Privacy-Policy, EU Cookie-Policy, Impressum:
Johanna Maria Lindner – web alias jona(h) li, jona-li.eu – for private journalistic websites:
All websites placed on the domain johannamarialindner.eu and on all subdomains are hosted on web-servers mainly placed in Germany and are all purchased by webspace-rent and are owned, created, administered, web mastered and web-published by Johanna Maria Lindner in Europe A-1210 Vienna (cell phone number +436604993545) for non-commercial private journalistic purposes merely and use COOKIES according The European Cookie Law. –
main address:
Johanna Maria Lindner
Europe, A-1210 Austria, Vienna,
cell phone numbers: +436604993545
e-mail address: contact@johannamarialindner.eu

Also the website on the domain johannamarialindner.eu
and all sub-websites on all sub-domains use
first-party and third-party Cookies
(small text-files stored on your personal computer)
like most other websites do for reasons of web-performance and other common purposes –
mostly necessary for visitors’ website to function the right way with visitors’ browsers;
additional third-party cookies collect data like your IP address,
and dates and times of all visits and of the web-sources the visits come from
(by a link from a search engine or from a social platform or from elsewhere).
Besides, these cookies along the regulations of The European Cookie Law
also help to keep track of the efficiency of security.

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